Tuscanitas Luxury Real Estate Group

Guidelines for excellence and quality:


Languages spoken by the staff of the Group:

  • English:  
  • French:  
  • Russian:  
  • German:  
  • Chinese:  
  • Spanish:  
  • Portuguese:  
  • Italian:  


Properties for sale Visibility via promotional activities through:

  • National communication :  
  • Foreigner communication :  
  • National websites:  
  • Foreigner websites:  
  • National newspapers and magazines:  
  • Foreigner newspapers and magazines:  


Sales turnover:

  • Gross sales:  
  • Sales arisen from Exclusive right listings:  
  • Sales arisen from Luxury listings:  
  • Sales arisen from Standard listings:  


Customer Satisfaction Index (C.S.I. professional 5.0 guideline):

  • Sellers:  
  • Buyers:  


Customer care:

  • Sellers:   (Area manager Dr. Pier Paolo Giglioni)
  • Buyers:  (Customer Care manager Mrs. Claudia Guercini)


Problem Solving:

  • Bureaucracy/Administrative issues/Authorizations/permissions:   
  • VS Local and regional authorities:  
  • Training and legal advice (Dr. Pier Paolo Giglioni CEO):   (Responsabile: CEO Dr. Pier Paolo Giglioni )



  • Email reply time:  
  • Phone wait time:  
  • Product Know-How:  
  • Technical area:  
  • Legal area:  
  • Quality Control Inspector (Mrs. Barbara Pestarini):  


Completeness of the documents required for the sale:

  • Administrative documents:  
  • Authorizations:  
  • Tax documents:  
  • Pre-sale analysis of the documents:  


Dispute with clients:

  • None in the past year:  
  • None in the last two years:  
  • None in the last three years:  


Headquarters and offices:

  • Efficiency:  
  • Elegance:  
  • Parking:  
  • Accessibility:  
  • Wi-Fi:  
  • Intranet:  


LuxVillae World Luxury Villas aknolewdges to Tuscanitas Luxury Estate Group
the International Certificate of Excellence for the year 2019