Servizio Post Vendita

After sale service

Ten years experience at your service

We will also assist you in everything after completion of the sale, as you will need help with all the bureaucratic procedures connected with the purchase of a property: from the transfer of utility contracts to legal matters, assuring satisfaction in all your requirements. We advise our clients not to buy real estate in Tuscany from agencies which are not located in the area of the property because they will not be able to assist them after completion as is our custom, having worked for years in the region in which we were born. It is worth remembering that you will need the agency above all after completion, and in this respect we will prove to be the best.

I would like to ask all foreign friends who are reading this a simple question: if you wished to buy the best florentine t-bone steak and above all to know everything about it, would you go and buy it from the local butcher Dario Cecchini in Panzano in Chianti or from Great Burger at the intersection between regent street and Oxford street in London?

The answer is obvious.

If you wish to be certain of knowing everything pertaining to the property you are about to purchase and you want to be sure you have assessed everything you need to know about it, from the location to the legal aspects relating to it, our expertise of over ten years in Tuscany’s most genuine locations is at your disposal and dozens of our american, english, russian, french clients and those from many other nations will be happy to directly share their experience with you. altre nazionalità, potranno testimoniarti direttamente la loro esperienza presso di noi.


Pier Paolo Giglioni
CEO Divine Italia