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Due diligence

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Relative to the property registered with the company or purchase of the property instrumental in receptions or whatever professional activity, or the direct sale of the business or company that possesses real estate (thus whenever a property is registered to a company or to a person or as capital), our legal, taxation and commercial experts, will carry out with due diligence the relative analysis of all the aspects and the partnership positions, from that of the banking and fiscal situation, to that of taxation, business or of the arrangement of the investment to the personal hired and of the eventual outstanding accounts. Then there will be a careful analysis of the invoices and of the sustainability of the business carried out. At the end of this process, the eventual purchaser will have a clear and well defined picture of the real situation concerning the assets and every single aspect of the property and/or of the company that is being purchased.

The cost of this service varies in relation to the type of real estate.

You can obtain the documents and the formal certification relative to this service, in whatever language you choose.

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